Nirvana 1.0.0 – when one becomes another… one

Another verbose post for a round, solid and mostly trouble-free theme version 1.0. As you’ve probably noticed by now, we take our time before getting to the one-dot-zero version for any of our themes. We usually start at 0.9 and make sure all issues are fixed, all major features are implemented and thoroughly tested and colour schemes also make their appearance on the settings page before we make the giant leap to the number one spot. Many months may pass and weird version numbers like may surface but we make sure that when any of our themes reach the Chosen One that they truly deserve it.

So now that some of our magic has been explained and hoping the mystery haze that makes us look different and interesting hasn’t completely lifted, here’s the changelog for Nirvana 1.0:

  • added colour scheme support and 12 preset colour schemes
  • added new options for the slider: Title font size / Text font size (uppercase settings as well)
  • added new option – Slider Excerpt size
  • added new option – Posts per row for the presentation page posts
  • added new Option – Remove hover effect on columns
  • moved ‘Content Margins’ setting field from Graphics Settings to Layout Settings
  • fixed Content Margins – Padding setting not working
  • fixed header widget responsiveness when no header image is used
  • fixed header wp_title() call (left the site title-less)
  • fixed hardcoded breadcrumbs background colour
  • fixed Presentation Page Titles colour option not working
  • fixed search icon in top bar so that it uses the same colour as the top bar menu
  • removed topbar shadow (a leftover from early development)
  • updated translation files


Nirvana is a seriously configurable and responsive WordPress theme, with both wide and boxed layouts. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. I would love to get the text on the slideshow to center instead of left format. I did follow a thread where Kay posted a response to use .slide-text {text-align: center;} in the miscellaneous section, under CSS. But, it didn’t work. Any ideas??

  2. I am enjoying this theme very much. I have noticed a couple issues, though.

    As others have stated here and elsewhere, Google Fonts do not work. I discuss what I believe is causing this issue and my personal solution in the Bugs forum:

    I was looking over the HTML source code for the Sample Page and noticed that the Breadcrumbs Home icon is enclosed by TWO “a” tags. I found the problem in theme-functions.php. On line 207, $home is defined as the Home icon code enclosed in an “a” tag. Then, on line 221, $home is again enclosed in an “a” tag. I believe the “a” tag could be removed from the original $home definition on line 207.

    I have not made changes to any theme files, and have only added some CSS rules to my child theme style.css file. I am using version 1.0.0.

    1. We don’t make the translations, they are all submitted by theme users who want to use the theme in their own language.
      So we’ll have a French translation when someone is kind enough to make one and send it to us. Will it be you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello,

    after installation of the1.0.0 version, i’ve some problems with the presentation page.
    The slider doesnt work and the photo frames on the columns part

  4. When do you plan to make themes bbpress compatible? All of your themes have the same issue – avatars from the second post down are broken because there are in conflict with .reply a { from somewhere in the theme.

    Considering bbpress works on this site and you are using it as a support forums, you should already have the solution, the only thing that’s left is to implement it…

    1. That’s not the theme’s fault. In the text above the columns you use invalid HTML. Please make sure you close all tags that you open (in this case you opened a <big> tag that you never closed.)

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