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Themes Documentation

Welcome to Cryout Creations' theme documentation repository. The information outlined in these pages applies to our 'Customize'-based themes (listed below).

Click on one of the themes names above or select the desired theme from the dropdown selector in the header to filter the documentation topics for that theme.

If you are looking for documentation for our classic (settings page-based) themes, please see the legacy themes documentation.


The structure the options are presented in here may not always be in sync with that present in the themes. We are periodically adding new options and sometime reorganize the existing ones to improve consistency and clarity.

Applicable Themes

Each option includes a visual indicator listing all themes it applies to right next to its title. Look for these to figure out if a particular option exists in the theme you are using.

Indicator Theme
AN Anima and Anima Plus
AN Anima Plus only
ES Esotera and Esotera Plus
ES Esotera Plus only
FL Fluida and Fluida Plus
FL Fluida Plus only
KA Kahuna and Kahuna Plus
KA Kahuna Plus only
RO Roseta and Roseta Plus
RO Roseta Plus only
SE Septera and Septera Plus
SE Septera Plus only
VE Verbosa

These are the same theme identifiers we use in the customize interface to mark the options sections and panels provided by the theme.