Maintenance update to CR2 HTML Module (Pro)

Today we are releasing a maintenance update for our veteran OpenCart module – CR2 HTML Module / CR2 HTML Module Pro.

This version fixes some bugs and improves a couple of features:

  • fixed bug related to layout names using quotes and apostrophes
  • fixed improper decoding of “>” selector in custom CSS  *PRO-only
  • new ‘simple container div’ option for box-less design feature (for even more advanced styling of the custom HTML)  *PRO-only
  • refined fields positioning for better fit when multiple languages are present
  • added custom CSS markup functionality – thanks to CodeMirror *PRO-only
  • moved the modules control to their own tab (for better usability)
  • CKEeditor is now loaded in “source” view by default (to avoid breaking very complex HTML structures when entering the module options)