Titles on Landing Page and no priority support answer?

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    Steve Procter
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    Hi Zed,
    I am posting in here because we have submitted two PRORITY support requests over two weeks and had no answer.
    I’m curious as to if Cryout are shutting down as my annual fee is due but I’m dubious about spending the money with a company who are not responding to help requests.

    The issue we are having is on the landing page, it is showing the page titles even though they are all disabled as much as we can on the customizer, and because the client wants a designed header it is duplicating the text, we need a way to turn this off please.

    We are using this as a temporary domain, but you can see on there that the titles have duplicated.

    We have tried lots of CSS but none does what we hoped, so can someone please help as we may lose the client if we cannot go live, and I will of course NOT renew if I get no support from Cryout.

    Website: www.steveprocter.co.uk

    Steve Procter
    Power User

    The other issue with this theme, is it’s pulling info to the Landing Page from the MACHINES PAGE for example, but for some reason it is making all the text centred, but on the MACHINES PAGE it is justified and looks exactly how we want it to look, can this also be changed?

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