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    At random intervals in the day the theme seems to keep breaking for us. We thought it was a server issue on our host’s end, but they think it’s the theme.

    I absolutely love it so really don’t want to change – are you able to help at all?

    This is the website:

    And this is when it breaks:

    It always fixes itself but it’s frequently an issue.

    Many thanks,


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    That could be an indication of either the server failing to serve some site files (namely the styles/resources) or some malfunctioning caching being involved.

    However, I notice that all your site resources get loaded from instead of the site domain Is this intended behaviour?

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    Ahhhh perfect thank you just fixed it – host lied to us, needed to disable the CDN!

    Thank you! Love the theme 🙂

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