Serious Theme Settings crushes WP when active

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    I used the plugin with Tempera and an old version od WP, now with WP 5.9. I can’t let the plugin be active, bc I can’t then access the dashboard of WP. How can I customize Tempera now? Maybe it’s possible for dummies without that plugin?


    For next users with the same problem: first I rolled back WP, but it didn´t help. Then I rolled back the plugin till the version 0.5.8 — and it works perfect with the last version of WP too.

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    We always test with latest WordPress versions and I was unable to observe any issues between our Serious Settings plugin (current version 0.5.14) and WordPress 6.2.

    Do you have any specific error messages with 0.5.14?

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    You don’t need to worry because it often happens like this. Same happened to me when I installed WP in a client’s website, his website which was related to winch also had the same problem but soon I googled about it and Redesigned the client’s website with WP.


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