Nirvana breaks media library grid view

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    Nirvana seems to break the media library view. It can only display 50 images. If I change themes all library items show up in grid view. I tried it with disabling ALL plugins and no difference so it is something in the theme doing it. Great theme. I don’t want to abbandon it. PLEAS FIX IT!!!!!


    This has also happened to me. Please fix it.


    I’m also having problems with the Media library within Nirvana. If I just want to look at the Media library, all of my 83 images are there. If I’m on an individual page and trying to input an image by clicking on the Add Media button, it will only show 45 of the images from my media library. I can search by the name of a file and it will come up, so it does know they are in the library. Just won’t show all of the images. A small timer dial turns at the top for a while like it’s waiting to load more images, but they never appear.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. It’s greatly appreciated. And I love the look of this template.

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