Mobile Looks Funky On My Website

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    I have noticed that any page/post on my website results in mobile readability getting all jumbled up. The sidebar interferes with all of the content after a simple refresh. Here is a screenshot:

    Website jumbled on mobile before clearing cache

    For some reason the image doesn’t show up at times with posts here, so here is the imgur link

    I have found that after refreshing the cache of my website, it temporarily fixes the problem but after a refresh or visiting any other page/post on my site then the problem persists. I have tried clearing my browser’s cache as well as having some friends trying it out on their mobile device and they have the same issue.

    I have not installed any new plugins for months, but I disabled the recent posts and sticky sidebar plugins to see if they did something with it but no dice, that didn’t fix the problem.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? I do not want wish to switch themes

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