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    I’ve looked around for this topic but couldn’t find an answer. Sorry if I missed it !
    I’d like to migrate my theme options from a site to another. My theme is a Roseta Plus, with a child theme of my own.
    The problem is that in the “about” page of my child theme, there are no tabs (such as “migrate”). But in the parent theme, the message is “Roseta does not appear to have been installed before on this site. There are no options to migrate.”
    So, what should I do?
    Many thanks for your help!

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    I answer myself. Just got confused with the “Migrate” command. What I need is Theme options > Export theme options, on the parent theme backoffice and it works like a charm.
    Sorry for this kinda stupid question ! 😀

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    The migration functionality handles the options transition from the free edition of the theme to the Plus when the free edition has already been used (and configured) on the (same) site.

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