Mantra 3.1 problem – links and selecting text

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    Things were working very well with Mantra 3.05, but after going to 3.1 some (perhaps all) posts have links (href tags) which don’t work (the links aren’t clickable). Also text in the post can’t be selected. I have just rolled back to 3.05 and things are working again. I do use a child-theme with some simple modifications. I did not change anything in the child theme for a long time.



    A followup on the problem I posted about yesterday: I found that deactivating the MailChimp plugin on the site seems to fix the problem. The problem looks as though some javascript is disabling mouse actions on the post – unable to select text and link not working.
    I have no idea how to deal with this interaction problem between Mailchimp and Mantra v3.1.0. My society really does need Mailchimp working, so people can sign up to our mailing list. Is there some hope of a solution, please?



    And another followup. I found that removing Mailchimp from the Widgets area was sufficient to fix the problem, just leaving a Mailchimp sign-up form on one of the pages. So the problem isn’t with the overall Mailchimp plugin, but just the particular use of it as a widget.
    This is probably a reasonable work-around.

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