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    Hello I’m having a unique problem. I’m using Mantra with the latest WordPress installation. I am using a child theme, and among various other plugins, I use Elementor and SiteOrigin Page Builder to do a lot of my building work. I’ve used this setup on other websites with no issues so that’s why I’m a bit stumped.

    My home page is a static page and it works correctly. In the Mantra layout settings I have the layout set to the first option “no sidebars”. However the slider bar below that lets you set the size of the sidebar is still present… so I just made it the smallest it would go and pushed it off to the far right side of the slider. When I go to other pages other than my home page, that sidebar still shows up. I have the template on ALL my pages set to “elementor full width” as well (I double checked even). So I’m at a loss as to why I’m still getting that side bar.

    Also I noticed that no matter which layout I choose in the mantra settings page, the slider to size the sidebar stays the same. It doesn’t even add an extra slider if I choose a 2 sidebar layout. Is this a bug with the mantra settings or have I missed something? Any help or advice you can give would be great!


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    The theme will follow its layout (sidebar placement) option, regardless of any options provided by the page builder plugins.
    To control the layouts used by the theme you need to set its options accordingly (and use the available page templates if desired).

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