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    Hi I have a problem. On the homepage I see the blog articles twice, although I don’t want to see them. My wish is that the blog articles do not appear on the homepage, I would like them to appear only on the last page dedicated to them, which is called “BLOG”, the last of the menu.
    If this is not possible I would like to understand how not to make the articles appear double on the homepage in order to have a correct display of the articles, in fact as you can see in the bottom of the homepage instead of displaying the articles only once they are displayed twice in double. I also set that a static page appears on the homepage and not the latest articles, however nothing changes. How can I not display the blog articles on the homepage?
    Or if it is not possible, how can I avoid duplicating the articles on the homepage?

    Thanks in advance for availability.



    I was able to solve, went to “Featured Boxes” in Landing Pages and deactivated the blog posts. Thanks anyway!

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