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    Headings are show up on the draft, but once the post is published they are not there. (They are still listed in the html, so there must be a styleguide that is hiding them?) Any help in overriding this?


    Website: brandpollinators.com/how-to-lead-through-the-chaos


    I also have this issue with the same headings. I can’t publish until this is fixed. Is there anyone following up on this?



    I updated to wordpress version 5.4 and now I don’t have the site header either. (uses h1). I am using the codex theme which is based on rosetta. I see the header tags when I inspect elements for the preview page, but I don’t know how to fix it.

    Cryout Creations Team

    @katefosson, please check the configured headings font size.
    The h3 size on your site, for example, is currently set to 0.0179em.

    , you did not specify an URL so I cannot check this, but it could be the same issue on your site as well.

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