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    I’m loving the Tempura them, and am using it on this website:

    Unfortunately, there is a issue with the font symbols, specifically the symbols on the drop-down menu, the read “More” buttons, and the post meta symbols.

    Our site admin dug through the files and found that for some reason, WordPress adds a “?” at the end of those 3 requests and that makes the URL invalid. He experimented with htaccess to rewrite those 3 requests to not include the “?”, but that didn’t help.

    Examples: – Valid URL – Invalid URL – Valid URL

    Any suggestions or fix?


    Cryout Creations Team


    There are indeed some question marks that shouldn’t be there, but these shouldn’t break the links, unless the webserver misinterprets them.
    The stray question marks will be removed in the next update. In the meantime you can edit your tempera/fonts/fontface.css and delete the question marks in the ‘elusive’ font lines whey they are followed by quote and parenthesis. Leave the two lines that have ?#something unmodified.

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    Thanks Zed! This fixed it 🙂

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