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    Since the WP 4.8 upgrade, I’m getting a pop-up error in the editor.
    “Failed to load content css:”

    I’ve not noticed any bugs in display but the error is annoying. When I search, I came up with 2 threads discussing the issue. The message seems to be an issue with themes, although it may be a 4.8 bug.

    This thread talks about what the issue is, a little past my skill level:
    Someone in the thread with Tempura mentioned this issue as well.

    I have a few bits of custom CSS in Mantra. There is no commas in there, nor a URL call. I resaved it to no effect.
    The custom CSS is all still working.
    Any suggestions?



    We are suffering the same problem (on WP 4.8/Manta 2.6.1), and I’m not aware of any customisations to CSS.

    “Failed to load content css: http://URL/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php/?action=dynamic_styles”

    We have only “WP Statistics” and “Cryout Serious Theme Settings” plugins active, the second even though I don’t think it is needed. Inactivating these plugins has no effect.

    I understand this may be a problem with commas in css, is there some code I could look in?

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    We are aware of this issue with WordPress 4.8 and we’ll release a theme update to correct it it is fixed in

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    Please check the available documentation and search the forums before starting a topic.

    Great, good to know.


    My pages are not showing up, but only pages on the presentation page (my 2 main pages), all other pages are workign. When clicking the link they show “Not Found” and it is a blank page. This is with the Mantra theme. Is this getting corrected as well?



    Thanks for the update and fix, Zed.


    John –
    The “Cryout Serious Theme Settings” plugin allows the custom theme settings to be accessed. If you only make very simple changes in the WP Appearance, Customize section, you may not need it. But if you want to tweak fonts and the many other features of these themes, you do. (See Appearance, Mantra Settings.)

    Newy –
    Your issue sounds unrelated. Your web site seems to behave normally when I gave it a quick check. If you’re still having issues, follow the forum guidelines and post a separate topic. You’ll have to be a little clearer what links are not working, with link examples.


    Sorry I wasn’t trying to break any guidelines. Yes, it was a problem with my hosting that is now fixed. It happened right after updating 4.8 so thought it was related. My bad.

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