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    I do the occasional work/change on my websites at work / from my work computer which has stricter security settings in place. However, I have not ever before experienced that a WordPress plugin gets completely blocked. When I try to access the configration panel (I am using Nirvana), I get blocked by McAfee, with the following error message:
    Malware Detected
    The transferred file contained a virus and was therefore blocked.
    Media Type: text/html
    Virus Name: BehavesLike.HTML.BadDownload.dq

    I am wondering what could cause this. This is pretty inconvenient 🙁
    (The website in question is still under construction; the issue is purely “what would block this plugin” … )
    Thank you 🙂


    Cryout Creations mastermind


    That’s definitely weird. The only odd bit on that page could be the PayPal donation button/form.
    I can’t find any additional information about what “BehavesLike.HTML.BadDownload.dq” refers to.

    Seeing the actual page HTML as is generated by the server would definitely help.

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