Changing colors for Titles etc.

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    Hey Guys

    1. Is it possible to change the color of the Title of a Post and make it bold?

    2. The Color of the links in the footer? They are telephone numbers. Your powered by shows orange and when hovering over it it turns blue. I would like to have the same with the phone numbers. right now they are just blue and that looks weird.

    3. Change the color of the Section Title in the Featured Boxes Section, Featured Boxes Section 2

    4. The Color of the text displayed when hovering over the featured Boxes 1/2

    5. The Color of the slider Caption and Description with a static image.

    What would be the CSS Codes for these?

    Thank you very much for your help.
    (PS. I just switched the name servers, so the website might still be down at this moment)

    Kind regards


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    What about mobile responsiveness? The static image doesn’t shrink down to fit my mobile device. Also the Post Pages look not very nice on mobile. Doesn’t seem to be mobile optimized? Using Fluida Free Version.



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    All of theme’s colors are configurable through the theme’s color options. More important elements have individual control options, others use more general options (like the two accent colors) while others use derivations (slightly lighter or slightly darker) of configured colors.

    To customize colors beyond the designed sets you’d need to use custom styling. You can use the browser’s development tools to find out the element identifiers for the CSS.

    Images responsiveness behaviour depends on the configured options (for the header and for the featured images).

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