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    I’ve got a problem with blurry featured images on my starting page. The problem only occurs for pics I uploaded recently. When I compared the code for a blurry vs. a non-blurry featured image, I noticed that in the one case the full pic is used whereas in the other case the URL is a cropped version of it. Could you tell me where the problem is?

    `<a href=””
    title=”UNICEF-Woche am Deutsch-Französischen Gymnasium”
    style=”background-image: url(×200.jpg)”

    <a href=””
    style=”background-image: url(”



    Blurry featured images can be as frustrating as trying to decipher distant animal shapes in a foggy landscape. There are a few potential reasons for this issue. Just as animals need clear vision to navigate their surroundings, ensuring high-resolution images and proper sizing is crucial. Check if the images you’re using have an adequate resolution for the display size. Also, be mindful of compression settings that might compromise image quality. Just like animals adapt to changing conditions, optimizing image formats and sizes can prevent blurriness. If you’re utilizing a content management system, ensure the images are being displayed at the correct dimensions. This is akin to presenting animals in their natural habitats for clear viewing. Lastly, consider the possibility of browser caching affecting image loading. By addressing these aspects, you can elevate your website’s visual experience from a haze to a crystal-clear view, much like spotting distinct animals in a vivid dream.


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