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    I’ve been planning switching my site from Parabola to Roseta or Codex, but I use the Aside format a lot, and I like how it’s set up in Parabola.

    Is it possible to add back some of the metadata to the asides in Roseta or Codex? Definitely the date, but I like having the tags there too. My site also shows social media icons on asides.



    Cryout Creations mastermind

    The meta information for posts formats (including the aside) is simply hidden via CSS. You can re-enable them with custom styling:

    body .format-aside .entry-title, 
    body .format-aside .author, 
    body .format-aside .bl_categ {
        display: inline;
    body .format-aside .entry-meta {
        display: block;

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