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    Hi Everyone,
    I have been using Mantra more than a year and lately, I ran into a problem. It is quite different.
    When I add a widget to a sidebar, it looks ok on the pc but when I have a look at the mobile, my content uses only 1/5 of the screen and the sidebar is at the below (on mobile) like it should be. But why content only covers the 1/5 of the page on mobile?
    After that, I changed mantra setting in layout and removed the sidebar for avoiding any conflicts but I really need my content to show well on mobile while I am using sidebar.

    P.S. I already disabled plugins and tried in that way but it did not work.


    (You need to go to that page and go to another page and come back to this url again. This is how you can see this problem).
    This is one of my pages. But as I said right now I don’t use sidebar for avoiding conflicts but when I started using it, as I said the content covers only 1/5 of the page on mobile. Please can you help me? I have been searching for days

    Website: findbestboxinggloves.com


    Also, I don’t use sidebar now for avoiding problems but when I use this problem occurs

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I see you are using a caching plugin. If this plugins also implements CSS minification I recommend disabling that functionality as it will interfere with the theme’s styling.
    Also, make sure to clear the cache in the plugin after the update and after changing settings.

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    Please check the available documentation and search the forums before starting a topic.

    Thank you so much 🙂 it was related to that


    Hey alaba is this still working for you? I deleted my W3 cache and it seemed to work at first but now it’s doing it again.

    Sometimes it doesn’t though. But if you refresh the page it usually doesn’t work. Have you experienced any of this?

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