How to use the Category Page with Intro template in our themes

Our themes (including Mantra and Parabola) feature a special page template titled “Category Page with Intro” which allows us to display a category of posts coupled with a custom intro to that category.

This is a page template, so it will show up in the page templates list when creating/editing a page while using one of our themes. What is typed into the page content is what Wordpress will display as the intro on the category.

How to hide the WordPress admin bar

This is a pretty straightforward how-to. We’ve seen this asked so much around the web and answered so poorly that we decided to try and make it a little clearer.

As this is actually a WordPress option there’s no PHP code that you must insert, there are no CSS tricks you must do and there’s no plugin that you must install. Just a couple of clicks.

How to install a WordPress theme

Installing a Wordpress theme can be easy or difficult, depending on the theme and it’s availability (or lack thereof) in the Wordpress themes directory.

The automatic installation process comes very handy with published themes, but sometimes things fail or themes are not available, and one must resort to the old fashioned files upload via FTP. This tutorial describes all ways.

How to translate a WordPress theme

Translating WordPress themes is actually very easy. Yes, no matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter how much computer knowledge you poses, you can translate a WordPress theme.

It’s real easy and now with the help of some screenshots and some simple guidelines you’ll have your theme translated in no time.

So without further ado let’s get on with it.

How to disable WordPress comments

We’ve been getting tons of emails lately about disabling (or hiding or turning off, however you wanna call it) comments on pages or posts. And although replying to all of you in detail would be entertaining as hell, we thought it would be better to write a quick tutorial about it and then just email the link to you.

Just remember, this is not theme related; turning off comments is a WordPress feature that’s just a bit hidden at first and not very well documented. It will work no matter what theme you’re using although I don’t see why anyone would use any other themes than our own.