End of the line for flashrats.com

Flashrats.Com, the place where it all started 4 years ago, even before we have settled on a path or a reason, will be expiring tomorrow.  The domain spent most of it’s life as a sandbox for our various projects, from C++ command line role playing games to our first experiments with HTML, CSS and Javascript (which were also accompanied by our first head bangs on the walls), later becoming the host for our first public success, the Zombie Apocalypse theme.

It has spent the last 8 months redirecting Zombie Apocalypse users to our new Riot Reactions headquarters, and still sends us about 20 stray visitors every day, which we hope will find their way 🙂 Flashrats.com has served us well through all this time, and while we have spent many hours trying to find it a new path or a new meaning, we have eventually decided to let it go, returning it to the domain name pool.

It will not be mourned, but just become part of our history.