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    Been at this for several hours now.
    Have enabled slider, in appearance/mantra settings.

    Tried to upload images (all have been resized to 800×500, slider is set to 800×500)
    About 50% success rate in being able to get through upload of an image, have managed twice. Images are about 500-700kb. Image is visible on dashboard, can select use this image, and then save changes at bottom of mantra settings screen.

    But go back to view supposedly updated site, and still showing default images after screen refresh.

    Please help as I’ll have to switch to another theme if I can’t resolve this.





    how do you change the default slider images?



    The problem I am having with the Presentation Slider is that when I upload my photo to the Media Library, and I view it through the library, it is crystal clear and looks like what I designed.

    When it shows up on the site in the Presentation Slider, it looks like a pixelized piece of garbage… I cannot use it on the site – it makes it look very unprofessional.

    How do we keep the quality of the photos?



    I am having the same problem. Does anyone have a fix for this issue?


    Cryout Creations

    Tom, make sure the “Full size” option is selected when choosing the image for the slide(s).

    Jason, which one of the problems are you having?


    ros phillips

    site under construction

    trying to use the slider on the presentation page. images upload to the media but do not seem to ‘take’ when selected for the slider.

    first image uploaded at subsequent attempts to add additional images to slider has been unsuccessful.

    enabled the presentation page and the selected posts on the reading page.
    news/posts have become the homepage but no presentation?

    i am not using the presentation columns? is this required?


    ros phillips

    I have now even installed parabola

    So now i can get the presentation page up but cannot change out the default graphics… i select them to upload but they dont change out the actual picture on the presentation page.

    I am using NexGen for gallery, not sure where else to look to swap out the images…

    Any help is appreciated


    ros phillips

    So i looked at the file path of the default slider images and it shows:


    so I just used FTP to change out the graphics. I wasted may hours trying to upload the graphics to the site using the Appearance – Parabola Settings – Presentation Page upload functionality. The pictures were uploaded to the gallery but they did not replace the slides. So FTP solved it for the immediate…

    I FTP the slide image I wanted to use. Then renamed the old file slide1 and named my uploaded file to slide1.jpg and repeated for slide2 and slide3

    I have only done this for the initial 3 slides. Good luck


    Cryout Creations

    Ros, you will lose those files the next time you update the theme.

    Grab the URLs for the images you want to use out of WordPress’ library (Media > Library) and paste the URLs in the fields in the theme settings. This cannot not work.

    Make sure you get the correct links, not the ?attachment_id= ones.



    Of the panoply of website I’ve pored over this has the most vertaicy.



    I found myself nodding my noggin all the way throhgu.



    I’ve closed this alrcite’s comments page. It’s attracting way too much spam, and even though SpamKarma (which rocks!) has blocked or moderated every attempt, it has gotten too annoying to deal with. For example, just now I had 10 new comments in moderation, and every single one of them was on this alrcite. I’ve never had a real comment on this alrcite (except for my own), so it doesn’t seem like much of a loss.Damn you, spammers! >:(


    AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this answer!



    Yo, good lookin out! Gonna make it work now.

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