Zombie Apocalypse one year requiem

This day, one year ago, in its third hour, our first WordPress theme was born.

Created by the darkest and most evil thoughts of its master, it came to life as the incarnation of all which is unholy.

It first poked out its bloody hand, covered with scrapes and scratches, trying to reach for human flesh.  It then tried to eat the brain that created it the very first moment it saw the darkness of the night.

If eventually escaped into the world, and ate its way all the way to WordPress, from where it started spreading itself everywhere.

We no longer have control over it, it just returns home from time to time, like driven by an unholy need to kill its creator; and the only thing we can do is to feed it with a new version, while trying to keep ourselves alive…

Watch yourselves out there… the Zombie Apocalypse is here!…

Zombie Apocalypse is a dark, "B" style horror movie inspired WordPress theme by Cryout Creations with lots of blood and gore. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. I’m just getting started with this theme, very nice so far.

    The problem I’m having is this: I want my header to link to the homepage. Maybe I’m missing something, please let me know!

    Thanks for the shmexy theme bros and broettes!

    1. You’re referring to Zombie Apocalypse here, right? 🙂
      The header text does link to the homepage, as long as it is defined. If you remove the site title and tagline, the text (hence the link) is no longer displayed.
      Adding a header background image does not replace the site title/tagline.
      A link on the header image is achievable, although it would require manually editing the theme.

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