Nirvana 1.3.2 detaches itself


  • Added filter for slider ‘read more’ button text
  • Fixed font names with spaces on Safari limitation
  • Added Fitvids on/off option for compatibility
  • Fixed parse error in attachment.php
  • Re-bundled it_IT, de_DE, ru_RU, tr_TR translations due to WordPress’ 90% completeness requirement
  • Renamed nirvana.po to nirvana.pot
Nirvana is a customizable and responsive WordPress theme, with both wide and boxed layouts. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Hi, I have updated two of my websites to the newest version from 1.2.7. Using especially chrome as a browser both sites sliders and Text Areas at front page have totally gone wrong. Is my only option not to update theme or how to fix this?

  2. Thanks for your reply but
    -all what is blocked it is just technikal things Is it so neccesary to open it in robot txt /
    -your site blocking specific regions/IPs to it? I did not know about it ? may you please recomend me what and how to do to change it to a right way. Thank you

  3. I sow that, but if you open report two lines low it said the elements are very close to each other and content is wide than screen/ These are problems why google push down rank it showes in another report too when i analyse my site. I would not ask you here if I would not have this promlem becouse nobody knows how to help me jnly change Nirvana to another theme, Thank you/

  4. The Nirvana theme is removing all my white lines and paragraph breaks when saving the page. Looks good in cms but not on the site. It puts all text together as one big paragraph. I don’t want to install an extra plugin. Any idea how to solve this? This problem is quit new.

  5. Hello Google push down my site in rank because not enaugh adaptive. Search console said ‘the elements are placed too close to each other in mobail version” and “content is wider then screen”(((. I put a mark in settings to make it responsive I have no clue why just think it could be top menu ??? I already deleted 1 catecory with subcategories from main menu but it does not help. May you help me solve this problem. please. Thanks

  6. Thank you Zed. Setting the page width to 1200 still results in the Cryout Columns being set for 300 x 311 and so does setting the page width to 1300 with the side column at 400. Something changed with the last update and the animated text in the boxes no longer fits inside it on the top row. You can see this on our site at Thanks!

  7. Can you tell me where to find that in Nirvana settings? The only reference I can find is in Layout: the Content/Sidebar width, which says total width is 1200. Full width is selected. Presentation page slider dimensions are 1920. Thank you!

    1. That is the setting. If the Content+Sidebar width is set to 1200px, after saving the settings at least once the theme should display (and use) 400px as the column image width.

  8. Since I recently updated WordPress and my Nirvana theme, my cryout columns are out of whack and asking for images that are 300 x 311 instead of 400 x 311. Was hoping one of these latest updates would fix that. Any chance?

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