Nirvana 1.1.3 is all patched up

We don’t often send our themes to the doctor, but when we do we make sure they return all patched up. This is true for Nirvana 1.1.3 which returns so full of fixes and patches that one must wonder how it managed to function at all in the first place.

Well, the secret is that there’s so much functionality in Nirvana (and our other themes) that there’s bound to be something functional even when there’s so much that is buggy…

The good news is that Nirvana is now less buggy and you can enjoy the fixes listed in the changelog:

  • fixed centred multi-line menu change in 1.1.1 breaking sub-menu alignment
  • fixed slider title & text font size configurable options overlapped by default styling
  • fixed slider read more button locked to fixed size by styling; font size is now in sync with slider text size
  • added arrow indicators for sub-elements on sub-menu items
  • fixed magazine layout alignment on RTL
  • fixed sub-sub menu alignment for RTL
  • added Chinese translation
  • fixed category icon visible for pages in search results
  • corrected two untranslatable strings
  • fixed column image links (added in 1.1) not respecting “open in new window” option
  • fixed presentation page slider/column image alt attribute HTML handling
  • fixed font prototype function wrongfully localizing “general” font value
  • fixed an invalid translation string causing an erroneous text-domain in 1.1.2
  • added theme information and settings page link in the customizer
Nirvana is a customizable and responsive WordPress theme, with both wide and boxed layouts. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Problems:

    1. Out of the blue the Slider Text began to bounce up into correct position each time the Slider changes.

    2. Viewing on a mobile android the Slider Text is placed below the Slider image instead of keeping it inside the image.

    Please tell me why. Thank you!

    1. You have an error in your Nirvana Settings/Presentation Page/ (Slides)

      There is a glaring bug in the text they’ve inserted into the 2nd or 3rd slider that continually adds extraneous characters ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ into this field every time you save something in the presentation page and the database (seems to happen if you’re using Chrome). What happens is it grows the “form upload” size larger than what your server can handle (even changing your server’s php.ini config to 150MB file 150MB form wouldn’t allow me to change/edit the page).

      You either need to patiently delete them manually from the presentation page (takes a long time due to it being so much text for your browser to handle).

      [Once you have completely removed the text from the offending field, this bug does not come back.]

      OR by going into your database using phpMyAdmin or another editor and removing all these characters from there.

      The text can be found inside wp_options | nirvana_settings

      Of course, be careful editing your database as you can completely break the site. It is perfectly safe to delete the offending ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ characters (and there will be tens of thousands of them if not hundreds of thousands). Once you remove the offending text, and save the changes, go back to the Presentation page and remove the entire comment from the slides — or it will come back.

  2. Fabulous Theme!

    One thing i would like to ask about is the Google page speed request that recommend that you>>>”Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content”<<<

    Does anyone have a solution to this fix for this theme?



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