Kahuna 1.3 is conforming



  • Fixed single post overlay navigation links overlapping content when hidden
  • Fixed landing page text areas responsive behaviour for 960 to 1240px screen sizes
  • Fixed landing page posts list responsive behaviour when layout set to 3 columns
  • Fixed header image not visible when active on the landing page
  • Fixed extra space between mobile menu placholder and header socials in some cases
  • Actually fixed long site titles overlapping the mobile menu placeholder
  • Updated Cryout Framework to


  • Added support for custom embedded fonts
  • Added main navigation keyboard accessibility support
  • Added mobile menu close on click/tap functionality
  • Added extra padding to main navigation submenus
  • Added top margin to attachment pages
  • Added hints in the customizer interface for Site Identity / Header options
  • Improved Serious Slider’s ‘theme’ style compatibility
  • Improved landing page ‘more posts’ button loading animation
  • Improved label hiding option to only apply to default comment form fields
  • Improved mobile menu multi-line menu items behaviour
  • Increased mobile menu width on smaller devices
  • Changed post titles hover overline to underline
  • Changed landing page text areas title/description order to be applied with CSS
  • Changed landing page boxes, text areas and icon blocks top/bottom margins to be smaller
  • Changed posts ‘read more’ text to uppercase
  • Changed landing page featured boxes widths/margins
  • Fixed first content title top spacing rule being too broad
  • Fixed landing page boxes blur animation on Chrome
  • Fixed two instances of H1 titles on static pages with header titles enabled
  • Fixed missing landing page icon blocks titles and descriptions (since 1.2.0)
  • Fixed landing page icon blocks container remaining visible when all icon blocks are disabled (since 1.2.0)
  • Fixed unclosed span markup in landing page icon blocks output function
  • Fixed GDPR-related checkbox missing on comment form
  • Fixed Serious Slider ‘theme’ style caption title/text size responsiveness
  • Fixed static slider positioning on <720px with RTL
  • Fixed site tagline positioning with RTL
  • Fixed long site titles overlapping the mobile menu placeholder
  • Bumped required PHP version to 5.3
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