Kahuna 1.1 is not far behind



  • Fixed landing page featured boxes not being disable-able due to incorrect check
  • Fixed incorrect footer menu items alignment on RTL languages


  • Adjusted font size for masonry article titles (made them smaller)
  • Fixed content breadcrumbs missing background colour
  • Fixed header widget area overlapping header titles
  • Removed ‘defer’ loading of comments script (resolves issue with Jetpack comments)


  • Improved featured image srcset functionality to support more browsers and usage scenarios
  • Improved edit button text color styling for dark backgrounds
  • Improved compatibility of dark color schemes with Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin’s editor styling
  • Improved ‘comments moderated’ text positioning
  • Improved demo content check to use theme slug
  • Improved sublists appearance in sidebar widgets
  • Added all weight values for the typography options
  • Added icon to comments reply button
  • Added icon to excerpt read more button
  • Changed featured image icon to arrow
  • Relocated Header Titles options panel under General
  • Fixed non working translation in article publish date
  • Fixed page layout option overlapping category/search/archive layout when last item uses custom layout
  • Fixed and disabled header titles functionality on WooCommerce sections
  • Fixed header titles not following the separate option on home static page
  • Fixed header titles to use the correct page title on the ‘blog’ section
  • Fixed comments block being visible on landing page featured page
  • Fixed missing saturation animation for cropped featured images
  • Fixed site title and tagline animation
  • Removed header image blur effect as it was malfunctioning on Chrome
  • Removed leftover right margin from post tiles in lists
  • Improved headings titles handing of custom post types and content
  • Updated to Cryout Framework 0.7.3:
    • Framework: fixed warning about invalid count() call in prototypes.php triggering warnings on PHP 7+
    • Framework: added cryout_get_picture(), cryout_get_picture_src(), cryout_is_landingpage(), cryout_on_landingpage() functions
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