Mystic – A colorful new child theme

Mystic, a child theme of Esotera, is a fast and lightweight multi-purpose theme with a great level of customization. It makes great use of colors, shadows and gradients to make your content stand out. You can use it for anything from blogs and portfolio sites to business and other professional sites. E-commerce and photography sites are also highly recommended.

Mystic is responsive, optimized for speed, SEO and mobile friendly, RTL and translation ready and of course WooCommerce compatible.

Built with design in mind, it will attract your users with great use of color, curves, lines and shadows while tasteful animations will enhance the browsing experience. And being a skin of Esotera, it’s all highly customizable, as you’ve come to expect. The landing page is mostly unchanged from Esotera’s but, as you can see from the following screenshots, the blog and single pages and posts have been heavily modified.

You can download Mystic on or install it straight from your WP dashboard. Have fun!

Esotera is a colorful WordPress theme with a great set of features. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Are Cryout Creations themes still being supported? There have been no new updates on this blog since Feb of last year, and updates for older themes seem to have stopped. I am on Septera v1.5.1 which hasn’t had any meaningful updates in a very long time.

    I am still very happy with my theme and nothing is broken, but if this company is no longer supporting their products, I don’t want to wait until something breaks to see what my other options are.

  2. I am trying to customize Mystic on my WordPress using Chrome – but the changes that I make do not show up on my mobile, my Firefox, or even my incognito Chrome. The same Chrome does show them. What am I doing wrong?

    Would appreciate any pointers. thanks.


    1. When any kind of changes (in content, in configuration) don’t take effect on the frontend immediately (selectively for some browsers/devices or generally), the first suspect is (some form of) caching. This can be on the site under your control, or at the server level usually outside your control. Additionally, mobile browsers also cache heavily on their own and require extra steps to force a refresh.

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