Bravada 1.1.0 was sculpted


  • Added interactive hint to WordPress’ Homepage Settings panel while using the landing page with a static homepage
  • Added support for displaying descriptions as an intro to category sections
  • Improved support for bare homepage content by removing the minimum height
  • Renamed ‘striped‘ tables option and CSS classname
  • Fixed previous/next post navigation images linking to incorrect posts due to discrepancy in same_term parameters
  • Fixed empty space after slider image when header image / slider is not set to be displayed full-screen
  • Fixed edit button missing on (static) pages
  • Fixed support for longer titles in the title accent position option
  • (Hopefully) fixed comments markup inconsistency on WordPress themes demo
  • Improved accessibility:
    • Hamburger menu / mobile menu toggler
    • Main menu search
    • Back to top button
    • Loading of the built-in icon font
    • Width and height attributes for portfolio images, featured images and testimonials
  • Updated to Cryout Framework
    • Fixed whitespaces in font control title hint due to spaces in markup

Plus changelog:

  • Integrated the Sculpt personality
  • Added separate control option for Featured Image in Header for custom post types (like Jetpack portfolios, WooCommerce products)
  • Added separate section layout option for the 404 page
  • Improved shortcodes styling compatibility with WordPress blocks using the same .row classname
  • Fixed ‘hide title‘ meta option applying too broadly on categories/search results
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