Horrify Purple theme for OpenCart has been released

Horrify Purple – A dark theme for those looking to give their shop a different look. The darker tone works very well with a wide range of online shops, ranging from horror themed shops to goth clothes or accessories and even sexy shops. The use of transparent, glossy images on a black background also makes the theme very suited for elegant and stylish shops.
Main colors: Black, Purple, Gray, White.

You may purchase it now from the OpenCart Themes Directory

Theme demo: http://demos.cryoutcreations.eu/opencart/horrify-purple/


Product page
Category and menu


      1. The theme automatically accommodates various logo sizes, up to a maximum width of around 550px (the height is not limited in any way). If you want to use a logo even wider, the Specials/Bookmark/Contact/Sitemap links would need to be moved out of the way.

        We will update our themes to support 1.5 once the final build will be released (we will not support RC releases), but there will probably be a delay (up to a week or two) between the OpenCart 1.5 release and our themes update release.

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