Bloody-Black – new OpenCart 1.5 theme

We turned a little gore today, probably because of all the thunders and lightnings that circled around us last night (could The Addams Famly be in town?) and we had the partly-original idea of making a reddish-dark (or dark-reddish, depending on your point of view) theme.

Why only partly original? Because the new Bloody-Black theme is primarily a spin-off from our Default-Black theme, which in turn is a spin-off from OpenCart’s default theme 🙂 And because we wouldn’t have that idea spark in the first place if one of our users wouldn’t have asked us for a way to change the blue colour in the default-black theme to a “bloody red”.

Not many users like dark themes, especially on an online store. But we do, and some stores actually need a dark theme to best fit their content and products. So here it is…


The theme can be downloaded for free from OpenCart’s Themes Directory.

Bloody-Black Preview


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