CR2 Alter Menu plugin for OpenCart 1.5

We are pleased to announce the release of a new OpenCart 1.5 module – CR2 Alter Menu

The module allows the user to modify OpenCart’s main menu by adding or replacing the predefined links (mostly top categories) with user defined links.

The module allows you to:

  • define your own links in the main menu (links to pages, categories, areas of OpenCart)
  • add the custom links by appending them to the existing menu, either at the beginning or the end of the menu
  • completely replace the existing menu with custom links
  • all link labels (the visible text in the link) are localizable (you will be able to add different labels for each language defined in your shop)


Live demo:

The module can be purchased from OpenCart’s Extensions Directory.


Demo – append left
Demo – append right
Demo – replace menu
Admin Preview


    1. Most themes do not display the menu wrapper if there are not “top” categories, so one way around this is to edit the theme files to make it always display the menu even though it’s empty.

      But the module allows you to “replace” the entire menu with your custom menu items (beside “appending” left or right).
      So any categories you will leave visible (you only need one to make the menu appear) will be removed and replaced with your custom menu on page display.

  1. Hello,

    We have installed your CR2 Alter Menu plugin, and have tried to add Links but rather than saving they seem to just disappear and are not there once we go back into the CR2 Alter Menu Module. Can you help me to work out why this is happening?

    Many Thanks,

    Julia Sparkes

    1. It appears that you are using OpenCart 1.5.0. CR2 Alter Menu was written for and tested on 1.5.1 only, and I did not intend to backport it to 1.5.0 because that version uses a different module system which would require the rewriting of about half of the module, plus 1.5.0 is not that used anyway.
      If you cannot update your OpenCart installation to 1.5.1 (due to the theme or other modules you are using that do not have newer versions), I will work on a 1.5.0 compatible version, but this may take a couple of days, up to a week.
      But I recommend you to try to update to 1.5.1 as it includes a lot of enhancements and bugfixes.

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