V 0.9.1 for download but up-date to V 0.9.2?

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    Wondering why V 0.9.1 is available for download but WordPress indicates up-date to V 0.9.2.

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    On-site releases include autoupdate support, so installing 0.9.1 through the link indicated on the theme’s page will eventually prompt you to update to the latest available version (currently 0.9.2).

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    Please read the available documentation and search the forums before posting.

    Hi Zed.

    I´m running Septera 0.9.1 and there´s a update available for 0.9.5 on my wordpress dashboard. But, it wont install. This error comes up:

    An error occurred while updating Septera: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure.

    This only happens while trying to update Septera. All other updates/installs (plugins/themes) are working fine.

    Any idea on what this can relate to?


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