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    I noticed that on the animated title of Bravada’s landing page, special characters were being rendered as html code, not the character itself. Ergo, “&” was being animated and rendered as “&”.

    I found that in the resources > js > frontend.js, if you change var oldStr from $location.html(); to $location.text();, then the characters render ok.

    I am a noob, so perhaps there are other computational implications why .html() was used, but I wanted the special characters to render ok.

    That’s my 2 cents worth

    – Brian


    Your solution would probably resolve the problem I mentioned in “Animated-title with french tiny spaces”, too (sorry for the double posting!).
    BTW: The tiny space (“espace fine”) is rrepresented by the html-entity   as far as I can see.
    – beka


    Hopefully the entity is visible now:  
    – beka

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Thanks for the .text() suggestion, Brian.
    We used .html() because the code needs to take HTML tags into account when preparing titles for animation, but the solution is somewhere in the middle and will be included with the next theme update.

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