Space between header/menu and page. I need to eliminate it.

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    Hello to anyone!

    I am creating a page based on Esotera FREE, where I intend to put a Moodle site inline. Here is the work in progress:

    I already achieved this without mayor issues, but between the Esotera theme and my Moodle site there is a white space, which I need to disappear or reduce considerably, so the Moodle frame appears more towards the top. I have put a blue frame inside the following picture, to indicate the space to be reduced/eliminated.

    After customization/modification I would love to have it like this:

    …so the page would be shown to a user like this:

    I am in no way a CSS or Javascript programmer, I but I hope I can achieve this, be it by inserting some code anywhere or purchasing the PLUS version…I already checked all the design options without result.
    If someone could provide me please clear details or indications/code/where to insert it (for non programmers), I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks a lot in advance.




    You can trigger this “problem” by doing click in


    This is just am unelegant workaround for my issue, but helps to illustrate it.


    Cryout Creations Team

    That looks like a styling side-effect (the section title normally has a margin, but the extra markup that is used there seems to transfer that margin outside the containers).
    Try this CSS:

    .page-id-111 .main .article-inner > header {
        margin-bottom: 0em;

    Use a negative value if you want to reduce the padding more.

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    Just a little feedback to let you know, that it worked as expected. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP, ZED.


    All the best.
    You rule!!!


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