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    I’ve been using the cryout themes for some time now and I’m pretty familiar with the customization panels. On this new Esotera theme (which I’m loving so far), I set the desired font type, but no matter what size/pitch I set in customization, it always defaults to 12 pitch on the page. Forcing me to highlight the text and change it to 14 pitch while writing a post. Is this an issue? A purchased feature only? Or do I need to set the default pitch in CSS code? Thanks for the followup. Terri


    Cryout Creations Team

    The general font size on your site is currently set to 14px and appears to apply correctly (where you are not overriding it with inline styling). Please not that pt (points) and px (pixels) are not the same measurement unit.

    All text which is not controlled by specific options uses this value (and even those that have specific options are still relative percentages to this value).

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