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    Hi there,
    I’m using Fluida Plus with Landing Page functionality and Serious Slider in the Slider module. But in fact I’d prefer no slider, but random images. And I think it would be easy to solve this with your Featured Content Plugin!

    Would you consider to create a new content type in Featured Content, called “Images”. Like any Icon Blocks or Boxes the user had to add the images he’d like to show up randomly and link them into one category, let’s say “LP Hero Image”.

    Now there should be a new drop down option in the Customizer LP Slider: “Featured Content Random Image” (besides static image, Serious Slider and so on). Here we could select our category “LP Hero Image”. Everytime the site is loaded one of the images is shown. Instead of a overweighted slider.

    (Sliders are cool, but if you add a few images it will the page longer to load… And I had sooo much images to show :D)

    Would really appreciate that. Maybe you’ll consider this idea?


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