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    Hi there!

    The little arrow which scrolls the page down in the homepage slider is causing me grief. Just to clarify, it’s the one that, if you hover over it, says ‘read more’ and does a little fade-in/fade-out animation, and if you click it, it scrolls you down the homepage, or whichever page you are on.

    I’d rather it weren’t there in any case, but especially because it is covering the buttons on my homepage slider. So when you click on a button it just scrolls down the homepage instead of taking you to the desired button’s page.

    Is there some way to remove the function entirely or just move it? If not I will have to remove my buttons… a sad day indeed.

    Please help,

    Thank you!


    Cryout Creations Team


    That arrow shouldn’t overlap the caption buttons unless the banner is rather short (or the caption title and text use multiple lines).

    Its visibility is not configurable through the options, but you can still hide it with CSS:

    body .meta-arrow { 
        display: none;

    Apply custom CSS using WordPress’ Additional CSS panel on the customize screen.

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