Mobile Looks Funky On My Mantra Website

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    I have noticed that after refreshing any page/post on my website then the entire post/page will result in what is shown in the screenshot here. This only happens on mobile.

    Website on mobile before clearing cache

    I have noticed that if I clear my website’s cache then it will look like how it should look. But after a simple refresh, it gets all jumbled and the sidebar interferes with the content as the screenshot shows above.

    This leads me to believe that 1st time visitors on mobile will not see this issue, but if they were to browse around the website further then it will have everything squished together like that because of the sidebar.

    I have tried disabling a couple of plugins (recent posts and sticky sidebar) but no luck and I haven’t gotten any new plugins for a long time now so I don’t think it is a plugin issue. I have tried clearing my browser’s cache, no luck. I have also had several friends try it out and they have the same issue after browsing around my website.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? I really don’t want to switch themes

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