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    not sure this question belongs here, but as I’m using Septera I guess it will fit 🙂

    I’ve been poking some SEO things today and I have a real question:
    I am using Septera for a project and I put a lot of content on the landing page via “Text area” meaning it comes from a different page.
    Does this cause duplicate content and Google might spank me?
    If so, what would be a smart way to remedy this issue?

    Thank you for providing wonderful themes!

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Logic dictates that using a couple of the same paragraphs of text in two distinct locations (a single page or post and also part of a bigger thing) should not be the same as the exact same context (text) and structural markup be present at two different URLs.

    After all, the internet is built on top of (some) content duplication.

    However, mysterious are Google’s ways, so we’ll never know for certain how it treats this case.

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