iPhone 6s problem & Should I Replace PARABOLA?

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    Hi Cryout Creations:

    My website using Parabola works fine on my iPhone 6 and my Android tablets & Windows 10. However, it’s not working properly on my wife’s iPhone 6s. The problem is in the menu system. When you tap on the Menu Item, it just returns to the Home Page.

    In glancing through the Bugs questions I gather that Parabola has been having problems with mobile devices. I really don’t want to research for a new theme. Parabola does what I want. However, if it’s not going to work on mobile devices then it’s best to use a more modern theme.

    It took me months to research themes and settle on the ones I liked. I don’t have time right now to research them at this time. So, I’ll ask: “Which of your newer themes is most like Parabola?” The website in question is where I publish my short stories and essays. I need a really good menu system so visitors can find the stories they want to read. I also like widgets that give my visitors some options, like new posts, etc.

    And, probably, it’s time to change themes just to update the site…???

    However, if you know why the iPhone 6s won’t work with Parabola’s menu system, I’d like to know.

    Rejoice Always!

    Website: www.alwaysrejoicing.com

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I can confirm that the mobile menu is unusable on mobile devices with WordPress 5.6 (most likely in connection to the introduced core JavaScript changes). We will look into this and publish a theme update as soon as possible.

    To answer your second question, “which of our newer themes is most like Parabola”, the answer isn’t quite simple:
    – comparing the options and their control, all newer themes are different from Parabola, which (together with Tempera, Nirvana and Mantra) is part of our legacy settings-page based themes.
    – comparing the appearance the the two theme groups are also rather dissimilar; the most squarey/blocky looking one (if that’s what you’re looking for) from the new set would be Kahuna.
    PS: WordPress.org repository themes are not allowed to add widgets.

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