In tablet/mobile style with Hamburger, submenus do not open to tap on

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    Thanks for your great Parabola theme. First time I run into problems.
    Responsive Styling: In tablet/mobile style with Hamburger, submenus do not open to tap on. This reduces navigation. Please help.

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    That may be an indication of JavaScript errors on the site. If you can include a link to your site, I can check for this.

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    I think I am experiencing the same issue with version of the Parabola theme. I have a primary navigation with 6 top level items. Each of the top level items is both a link to a page as well as a parent menu to a list of other links. On mobile I don’t see a way to access those other links.

    On mobile when I expand the hamburger menu the top level items do display a down arrow next to the menu. Tapping the text or the down arrow immediately navigates to the link. In previous versions of the theme on mobile a tap would expand the menu and not immediately navigate to the top level link destination. I would at least expect a tap on the arrow to expand the menu.

    On desktop the top level menus are correctly expanded on hover.

    I am able to replicate the issue on desktop using dev tools and don’t see any JavaScript errors on the site. I am told this issue is not reproducible on an Android but can not verify because the issue was first reported to me on iOS and I am also on iOS but was able to see it on iOS and the dev tools in my desktop browser.


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