Icons missing after moving site

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    I’ve moved my site to another domain and all is perfect but icons. All icons are gone. I mean folder icons, arrows, breadcrumb separators etc.

    They are all icons generated by CSS like this

    .icon-folder-open:before {
    content: '\e81d';

    When I replace the code by sth simple like 061 it correctly displays “a” character.
    It looks like there is a problem with character table.

    How do I fix this?


    OK, fixed it!

    Sorry for posting so trivial problem but it didn’t look like what it was.

    It looks like it’s been caused by wrong settings. In Settings -> General, it was

    WordPress Address (URL): http://www.uwolnijcialo.pl
    Site Address (URL): uwolnijcialo.pl

    After removing www. from the first one, all problems disappeared. Confirmed it by reverting to previous settings.

    It also caused problems with login.

    I hope it helps someone else 🙂

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