How to fix font size category page?

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    good morning, I’m using the nirvana theme.
    The categories page has incorrect formatting in the font size resulting in it being excessively large, how can this be resolved?




    Thanks for the reply.
    I followed your instructions but there is no option to change the font size of the category page.
    Other suggestion?


    To fix font size on a category page, first, identify the CSS selector responsible for controlling the font size of the category names or descriptions. Then, adjust the font size property within the CSS file associated with the category page. You can either specify a fixed font size in pixels, points, or em units, or use relative units like percentages to ensure consistency across different screen sizes. Additionally, consider testing the changes in a browser’s developer tools to preview the effect in real-time and fine-tune the font size until it aligns with your desired design aesthetic and readability standards. Once satisfied with the adjustments, save the changes to the CSS file and ensure that the modifications are properly reflected on the live category page.


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