how to create pages with various designs?

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    I am a beginner in WordPress.
    English is not my mother language.

    I installed Tempera in a local site via “local by flywheel”. I built a child theme.
    I installed the “Cryout Serious Theme Settings” plugin.
    And I began to build a site creating pages.

    It’s about a website for a musical band. I don’t want any blog, it is kind of showcase site. No news… everything is static.

    My problem: how can I create pages with various designs?
    Basically I “asked” for some text in the pages. I had the opportunity to add some pictures in some pages.
    But for example, how to put widgets in a particular page? When I tried to put it, the widgets were installed in all the pages. As if there is one design possible for all the pages (excepted the first one).

    It is a very basic functionality. But I hadn’t get it, and I can’t go further.

    Thanks for your help

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