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    I’m a little worried now that we have not heard from Zedt for about one month. He’s not active here, nor on his own blog, nor on Twitter, nor does any of his public social accounts.

    Other Cryout Creation members such as Kay are inactive for even longer.

    Could we know what had happened? Are you encountering any hardship? Or is it just a long holiday? If you need help, what kind of help do you need?

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    Has anyone heard anything from anyone on the Cryout Creation team at all? I too am worried.

    Edit: I did notice Zed provided an update for the Kahuna them on Oct 31. That’s a good sign. Fingers crossed they are all OK.

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    Yes, we are still around, thank you very much for your concern. Neither plague nor war managed to get us… yet.

    We were never too socially active and the ongoing events in Europe this year aren’t really helping uplift the mood. Speaking for myself, I use my blog mostly as a personal notebook to write things down so I don’t have to research them again next time, which doesn’t make it much of a regular thing. And if anyone else has the same questions or issues, I’m more than happy to share the information I already gathered and tested.

    We also haven’t started work on anything fancy and exiting (like a a new theme) because we’re mostly still waiting on the block editor to reach somewhat of a stable form to avoid having to start from scratch with every new WordPress update.

    That leaves us with mostly maintenance and support work, which is nothing to prance around about. Also keeping the tower of bugs from crumbling down takes up time…

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    Socialising is way overrated anyway. Thank you for the earlier css, all the work you do and best wishes for the new year.

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