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    Is it possible to create a full-width header (or slider), i.e. one that is wider than the 1920px max. layout width? The people I’m working with have huge monitors and the 1920px leave large margins on both sides, which doesn’t satisfy them.

    While playing around with the layout I’ve also run into a curious issue. I’ve enabled feature images as header images and set that up on one of the subpages. This image is now not quite full-width but it stretches beyond the content width. I couldn’t figure out why and used the same image as the regular header, and it stays within the confines of the layout width. So it’s nothing to do with the image itself. All the settings of the images are the same as far as I can tell (contained, 600px image height). All images are large enough (>3000 px or so width), so that shouldn’t be a limiting factor.

    For testing purposed also I also tried a couple of sliders (incl. serious slider) to see if I could get that to full width but they all seem to be contained to the layout width of the theme.

    To summarize: Can I create a full-width header or one that is as wide as the feature image header or would I have to change themes (which I really don’t want to do as I love Cryout themes)

    The subpage where I tested this is Team. The website is still in its creation stage.

    Website: tree-mortality-net.mpdl.mpg.de


    Update: (somehow I can’t edit my post)

    The difference between header and featured image width might have been a cache problem. It’s the same now. The question if it’s possible to create a full-width header remains though.

    Cryout Creations Team

    Fluida uses a fluid-design (hence its name) meaning that it adapts to the screen width. To do this, its width is configured by default to a maximum value of 1920px (and its elements rearrange to fit on narrower screens).

    This behaviour is similar to responsiveness, but differs in that it applies to large screen/devices too.

    While some of its elements can expand beyond its layout (namely the menu/header background, footer background and some landing page sections backgrounds), most of the structures cannot expand beyond the configured site width.

    While assigning a header image you have the option to skip cropping it, resulting in the ability to use an image of any size (width) in the header area.
    Featured images used automatically in the header by the theme do not skip this cropping and are automatically cropped to the configured screen width and header image height values.

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