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    Hi all,

    How is it possible to add some additional CSS for the fixed menu items only?

    I can change the upper menu no problems, but the fixed menu doesn’t follow suit.

    I’ve added some text to after one of the social icons, using ::after. the text is white at first, but should turn grey as you begin to scroll, and the menu bar turns white the text should become dark grey.

    It is this section in particular that is not working;

    I know I’m cheating with !important, but just trying to get it to function first!



    Cryout Creations Team

    The theme does not use a ‘telicon’ class, so I’d need to see the site to figure what and how you’re displaying in the menu.

    There’s also a typo in your CSS:
    .teleicon::after {

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    Hey Zed, thanks for the reply.

    My mistake, ‘teleicon’ in the CSS is correct.

    I have used your “Social Icons” menu in wordpress, and have given the telephone icon the optional CSS class “teleicon” to be able to add additional styles.

    Correcting my stupid typo fixed the problem #facepalm


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