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    I have been using Parabola for 5 years. Love the design.

    Currently have an issue when editing settings. Once changed and saved, all the featured images stop working as large images in post excerpts. I can only set a featured image, or let it grab an image from the post, and use the often fuzzy thumbnails option — which makes it hard when you have larger poster frames. I have tried every permutation of the options, but once I change any setting that is the result. I have had to restore my SQL archive every time, and am now testing it offline with duplicate databases — making it difficult to redirect some image links to my localhost as well.

    The only workaround I have found so far is to edit the options in the SQL file directly with find/replace. This only lets me change links, or certain options carefully, not alter the look in any significant way.

    Currently the site is using thumbnail settings. I have full size images locally, so may update the database soon if you happen to look at it, and it seems fine. This workaround has taken me at least a day to sort out.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Website: www.agraphafx.com

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